A student can only learn from personal experience, therefore “Learning and Knowledge cannot exist apart from a person”

We are keen in delivering that experience which will in turn challenge the learner and require involvement of feelings.Being one of the best schools in Chennai, we provoke thought processes which are more effective than experiences.Learning is multifaceted and is directly proportional to time and opportunity. We provide time and make sure that the students are given ample opportunities to use and apply their knowledge and skills in an element of threat and help them gain insights by constant review and evaluation.


 “A founder can carry an institution only so far, it is left for the alumni to take it further and safeguard the name and goodwill”

Padma Sarangapani School hasn’t been an exemption in this case. We are proud and extremely joyous for our alumni who are thriving with good education and learning, towards developing the global community. 

Reflecting on their school days, one finds Padma Sarangapani School of education unforgettable.